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Life Wellness Center in Santa Fe provides gentle Chiropractic care, promoting ongoing wellness, improving spinal and joint function, and is vital for keeping your body balanced, and functioning at it's best. Chiropractic wellness focuses on keeping your body functioning properly, and allowing the innate healing properties of your body to function as they are supposed to. Chiropractic wellness care checks to make sure your spine is properly aligned, gently corrects any subluxation before you even begin to feel any pain. Pain, even headache pain, is one of the final warnings your body gives you that something is wrong.  Since most headaches originate in the cervical spine (neck), you may have been experiencing a problem in your neck for months before getting a headache. With chiropractic wellness care, maintaining a properly aligned spine will keep your central nervous system in top shape, which will keep your immune system stronger, and you healthier.